The websites we develop are fully responsive, meaning the user always has the best experience possible at their fingertips. Your website is going to work and look great at any size.


Native applications provide the very best experience for users. Whether you need an app for use inside your organization or one to promote a product, we have you covered.

Community Management

We believe that all great technology needs a great purpose. That’s why we use the latest and greatest technology to help manage all aspects of the community.


From social media and ecommerce to inmate lookup and warrant search, we have just the upgrades needed to improve and inform the community.

Responsive Website Design

The websites we create don’t just look fantastic… they’re state-of-the art as well. Responsive web design allows for an optimal user experience with a minimum of swiping and scrolling, regardless of display size. With this modern approach to web design, you get the most for your money.

Simply put, this means your website will look and function great on all of your devices.

Native Applications

Native apps create a rich, engaging experience for users, while providing cutting-edge features for communities. At EXTEND COMMUNITY, we are creating stunning applications for clients both big and small that have garnered proven results.

Community Management

We care for community just as much as you do. That’s why we build world-class tools based on the latest technologies to help you manage and connect to your community. Together we can build a better community.


Increase reach within your community with these proven upgrades.

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